Q&A Sundays: Using Feng Shui Crystal Balls

I bought a feng shui crystal a long time ago because it was pretty but I have no idea how to use it properly in my home. Help!

Jennifer K., Yonkers, NY

Feng shui crystals are used to adjust the flow of energy in a space. They are particularly effective for bringing light, brilliance and clarity to home or office space. Feng shui crystal balls are made of faceted glass, as shown here. I often recommend Swarovski leaded crystal glass balls, which refract the most light because of the lead content. Note, the lead is not harmful to you.

These feng shui crystals are easy to find online (check out the crystals at my store), and they come in various sizes. For feng shui purposes, most interior spaces should use crystals of 40mm or larger. In feng shui, it is also very important to hang feng shui crystal balls using a red cord.  Red is a very auspicious color and represents protection.  It’s even better if the cord can be a length that equals a multiple of 9 – like 9”, 18,” 27” etc.

Although there are many applications for feng shui crystals, they are best prescribed by a feng shui practitioner. However, there are some general uses that I can share with you.

Bring Light to your Entry 

Place a feng shui crystal ball in a dark or small entry to expand the space and attract positive energy, which then disperses the good chi into your home.

Clarity for your Mediation practice

Place a feng shui crystal ball above your meditation seat or just in front of you such that you can see it. It will expand and provide clarity in your practice to create harmony and peace within your inner and outer spaces.

Focus your Career

Place a feng shui crystal ball directly above your head while sitting at your desk. Be sure it’s fastened well and secured. The crystal will assist in focusing your energy specifically in light of your career and the work you do.

You can also click HERE to watch an eHow.com video on how to use feng shui crystals.

Thank you for your question Jennifer. It is actually a common one, and hope it helps you and the other readers. 

by Anjie Cho

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