Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for Pets

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How do pets, especially their living quarters (crates/pens, etc), factor into the feng shui equation?

Carlissa K., New York City, NY

This is a great question!  I know a lot of people who are curious about how to feng shui their home for their pets. Since I am allergic to most dogs and cats, I’m not sure I’m the best person to respond to this. But a fellow New York City feng shui consultant that I know, Sabine Millauriaux was kind enough to share her knowledge with us. Sabine specializes in feng shui for pets.

Sabine suggests:

Pets should definitely be taken into consideration in the feng shui equation. Concerning their living quarters, you should follow some basics:

  • Crates and beds should not be in a commanding position or in the mouth of qi, which means not facing the door, but in a quiet place where they can relax, except in the case of a guarding dog (this also applies for outdoor pens).
  • Litter box and pads should not be placed in the left area of any entrance door since this area is one of the purest of the feng shui bagua map (Self Knowledge/GEN) and corresponds to the knowledge, self development part of the room. If possible, they should be placed out of view and never in your way (such as pads in front of the door or in the middle of the room).
  • Play areas with items such as scratchers, playing posts, or wheels may be placed in a feng shui bagua map area that you want to activate since they bring life and yang energy. Having an animal in your house usually brings energy to it (good qi), and your pet can be a very good “tool” to pinpoint what areas in your place and in your life should be taking care of.

Remember you are sharing the same energy field as your pet and, being an animal, it can pick up bad energies (such as residual energy from predecessors) or resonate with any unresolved emotions in the members of the household. So watch your pet, consider its crazy or loving behavior and think about what it tells you about you or your family. It will guide you in how to feng shui your place and have a more harmonious life.

by Anjie Cho

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Note:  To locate the areas of your home in which you want to activate, please refer to the Feng Shui Bagua Map here.  New blog post to come soon discussing the Feng Shui Bagua Map!

Q&A Sunday: What is the Best Art for the Bedroom?

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What is the best art to hang in the bedroom?

Magalie R., Los Angeles, CA

Hi Magalie,

Thanks for your question! I remember when you asked if it was good feng shui to have a painting of water in the bedroom. This one seems to be a follow up, as you're wondering what is the best art to hang in the bedroom

There are many times that I go into a single person’s bedroom and see art of single people, or the person's pet. While this is totally fine, usually the single person is looking to meet a partner. In feng shui we would say that by having images of single people you are giving the universe the message that you want to be alone. Now sometimes I see a lot of photos of the pet(s) as well. This may indicate that the single person has no room for a partner as the pet has filled up that spot.

If you want a partner (or already have one), feng shui encourages you to have things in pairs. So images in pairs whether it be people, or two things that are similar but not necessarily identical, give the universe the message that you’re ready to have a partnership that’s balanced and equal with another person. I'm not just talking about image of couples, but perhaps two similar pieces of art in similar frames.

In addition, the bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. Any artwork that is tranquil and nurturing in color and subject matter is ideal, especially if you have trouble sleeping. Pale, muted or dark blues, greens, pinks and purples in art can create a restful mood in a bedroom. If you want to bring in a little more spice and passion, add red artwork to bring in some fire energy.

If there is a particular piece of art you are looking to add to your bedroom, please feel free to submit it for the next Q&A Sunday!

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Numbers and Feng Shui

What is the significance of numbers in feng shui?

Jacqueline R., Cleveland, OH

A few years ago, I was honored to attend a sacred geometry lecture with Robert Lawlor, an anthropologist, mythographer, symbologist and author of several books. The symbolism of numbers goes hand in hand with sacred geometry as well as feng shui. Lawlor remarked sadly that because we have been taught that numbers merely denote quantities, our society has been robbed of a metaphorical language. He further argued that everything in the physical world has three aspects or dimensions, and therefore similarly everything (including numbers) represents symbols at three different levels, and with at least three methods of meaning.

I thought that was a brilliant and very relevant point. So to answer your question, I’ll present the meanings of the most significant feng shui numbers on three levels. In feng shui, each number 1 through 9 relates to a specific area of the feng shui bagua map.

ONE: Path in life, water and career

TWO: Relationships, yin earth and partnerships

THREE: New beginnings, yang wood and family

FOUR: Abundance, yin wood and wealth

FIVE: Health, earth and the center of your life/home

SIX: Benefactors, yang metal and travel

SEVEN: Completion, yin metal and joy

EIGHT: Knowledge, yang earth and self-cultivation

NINE: Recognition, fire and passion

Additionally, nine is the most auspicious number in BTB feng shui. It represents the most complete number. Many feng shui cures require repetitions of nine (such as repeating a ritual nine times, or using a string in increments of nine units). I also receive all my fees in a multiple of nine and in nine red envelopes. The number 108 is a multiple of nine and one of the most auspicious numbers in Buddhism. Malas, which are Buddhist prayer beads, have 108 beads, and many mantras are chanted 108 times.

Five is also auspicious as it represents the five elements or phases. The five elements are earth, metal, water, wood and fire. These elements are related to feng shui philosophy and the bagua map. They create balance and harmony when you have all five present in your environment.

Finally, pairs (or the number Two) are often used in bedrooms for couples. As I've indicated above, the number Two symbolizes a couple and can encourage a balanced and harmonious relationship. If you are looking for a partner, it's also favorable to have paired objects in the bedroom.

Numbers are symbolic metaphors and offer us unique and beneficial ways to look at our environment and the world around us.

by Anjie Cho

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Question of the Month: Year of the Goat charms?

It seems I have quite a handful of Year of the Goat friends which would be normal being that normally we have friends our age, but several of them are 12 years younger than me :) All are wondering about the significance of carrying a horse charm?

Sacha J, New York, NY

Hi Sacha, thanks for your question. It makes perfect sense that you would be friends with many others that are born in the year of the Goat, because goat people tend to hang out with each other! Kind of like a herd!

As far as the significance of the Horse charm in this year of the Goat... the horse is the best friend of the goat. If you look at the Chinese zodiac there are trines (we call them three harmonies) and most ideal relationships (or best friends). The Horse and the Goat have the most ideal relationship and are therefore best friends. 

In the BTB Feng Shui tradition, in any given year, it is auspicious to carry around the best friend of the current year animal. The idea is that the year god is in the hot seat each year. If the year god would want to harm you, it will see you carrying around its best friend (this year the Horse) and will be so enamored by its bestie that it doesn't do you any harm. So it is a protective auspicious charm you should carry on you at all times.

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Note: I have many questions in my “question of the month” queue, so I will be answering a few questions per month until I’m caught up! 

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by Anjie Cho

Question of the Month: Understanding Yearly Astrological Horoscopes

How is it that horoscopes for Dragon & Monkey are the opposite of what my partner and I are going through? I know they are general horoscopes, but it is so different from our reality this year. I just don’t understand.

Nancy J.

Hi Nancy, this is a common question. While I was on the interviewing Yasha Jampolsky a few days ago for our 2015 forecast for the upcoming year of the Wood Sheep (watch for it next Wednesday!), I asked him to chime in on this response.

First, from my perspective, these horoscopes are like a weather forecast, like with Juno this week. We thought in NYC we might get 36” of snow, but in reality we received around 9". In Four Pillars astrology there is an animal that is related to your year, month, day and time of birth. The year animal is the most general, and the prediction may forecast rain so you know to bring an umbrella in case it does. 

Did you know the word “disaster” means “without the stars?" I believe there is something to be gained from looking at the patterns in the natural world around us. Horoscopes of any type may give you an objective perspective on what is happening in your life. Hopefully you can benefit from that! 

Yasha adds:

“This is a very basic and simple analysis based on all the single animals (your year pillar) whereas the Four Pillars Astrology charts are made up of 4 different animals and a whole lot of elements. If you know what your 4 animals are, you can get a more accurate analysis by reading the auspices for all 4 animals. The most precise reading requires an in depth Four Pillar analysis. 

First, there are 5 elements, and a yin and yang version of each – so, really 10 elements. Then we have 12 animals, which gives us 60 possible combinations. Of those 60 combinations, we can get a certain amount of information. But when you start to combine it and multiply that by 4 pillars, it gives us a possibility of over a half a million different astrology charts. Just looking at the year pillar is not the entire story.

What I have learned from doing astrology for many, many years, is that nothing we encounter is ever meant to punish us. When things challenge us, it’s always to our benefit because with every challenge is a possibility to improve ourselves. How we respond to the challenge is what determines the outcome. If you respond in a way that takes your power away, that’s really what you end up with, disempowered life. But if you respond in a way that pushes you to be the best version of who you are, then life is improved. 

Astrology is a door that you can open and walk through, but there is so much more to how our lives unfold. My approach to astrology is always as if it’s research; I never assume anything. When you look at the auspices, it may not be a perfect fit, but take from it what you can and what does seem to fit within your life. It’s always difficult to predict the exact nature of what’s coming down the road because there’s always free will involved in the choices that we make. Astrology helps clarify our choices and can identify general trends that might be helpful.

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by Anjie Cho

Yasha Jampolsky is a nationally recognized advisor, author and teacher of the Asian Art of Four Pillars Astrology.  He has appeared on national Radio and Television and has been a contributing writer for local and national publications. His research and innovations have made Four Pillars more accessible to students and clients alike and allowed the possibility to use Four Pillars as a powerful modern healing modality.

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