Video: How To Use Clocks In Feng Shui

How To Use Clocks In Feng Shui

How To Use Clocks In Feng Shui

What does feng shui have to say about clocks? What do clocks symbolize in your home and where should you place them?

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Video Transcript

I'm Anjie Cho, and this is how to use clocks with Feng Shui.

An analog clock, like this one, symbolizes time and the passing of time. The message is that life is a cycle and there will be another midnight, another tomorrow, another chance to start again. In feng shui there are a few things to consider when locating clocks in your home.

First, what kind of clock. I mentioned before that an analog clock symbolizes cycles and offers more comfort. A digital clock like this one gives a feeling of time ticking away and disappearing. Therefore, for feng shui uses, stick to an analog clock. The digital clock may add more stress to your life.

Second, is the clock plugged in or is it battery operated? It's preferable to have a battery-operated clock because of EMFs. EMF stands for electro-magnetic forces, and these energetically deplete your environment causing headaches and other health issues. A clock that's plugged in will emit EMFs, whereas the batter-operated one will not.

Lastly, where to locate your analog, battery-operated clock. This sort of clock could be comforting in a child's room where they can get a sense of the stability in the cycles of life. It could be a great above their desk. Another location could be in the hallway of the home or living room, again reminding the inhabitants of the passage of time. Rooms to avoid would be the dining room where you may feel rushed to eat, or the bedroom where you should be focusing on rest.

Clocks can be placed thoughtfully in your home using feng shui principles to support and nourish your life.

by Anjie Cho