We gut renovated a 2,200 sf duplex in Manhattan and came out relatively unscathed due to Anjie's steadfast guidance and amazing project management! In addition to design and architectural services, Anjie helped us source materials, deal with contractor issues and generally steered us through the muck that a first time renovating homeowner is confronted with. We are so thankful to have found her, she's super resourceful, reliable and wonderful to work with!

-Y.L., October 2018

Terrific!!! Anjie helped me with a full master bath remodel. She is excellent - 100% spot on, easy to work with and charged very fair fees. I would use her again in a heartbeat for any job large or small. I greatly appreciated her creativity, flexibility and down to earth approach. She works very efficiently, which I liked.

-P.M., October 2018

I bought an older junior one bedroom apartment that was in dire need of a renovation last year. As is with most Manhattan co-ops, the Board required me to engage an architect for the project. After speaking with a few architects, some of who were recommended to me by friends, I decided to go with Anjie (who I found on Houzz directly). I could not be happier. She was extremely helpful, a great communicator and cost efficient. Even though I only engaged her to draw up plans (I already had specific designs in mind) and to respond to my co-op board, she was always happy to help answer any questions or concerns I had. For my next home, with a larger budget, I would definitely look to hire Anjie for a longer engagement.

-A.L., April 2018

Anjie Cho helped me renovate and remodel a luxury home in East Hampton. She did a fantastic job. Everyone who sees the house is extremely impressed with the design, selection of colors, materials and layouts. I highly recommend Anjie to anyone needing architectural and design services.

-D.K., April 2018

We hired Anjie to combine two apartments after we bought the apartment next door. She started by drafting three different floor plans to make sure we considered all possibilities. Then she helped us bid out to three different GCs and advised us wisely on which to choose. She got us through the Dept of Buildings permit and approval process quickly and as smoothly as possible with an experienced expeditor. She recommended good cabinet, tile, stone, millwork contractors and kept the GC on track -- finishing the project ON TIME! Most importantly, Anjie was accessible, understanding and has a high level of design aesthetic. We give her our highest recommendation.

-J.L., November 2017

We did a gut renovation with Anjie Cho. After sharing a few tear sheets, Anjie was able to design the perfect kitchen. We found her easy to book and delightful to work with. She shared her experience and taste level all while staying true to our design vision. She guided us to stone, wallpaper, and hardware sources, often offering her discount. We came in on time and under budget as a result of Anjie"s professional help. We highly recommend her.

-D.L., July 2017

Anjie is wonderful and a pleasure to work with. I loved that she was also able to consider Feng Shui implications in the floor plan changes and design choices that we made for the project.

-W.F., July 2017

We used Anjie Cho's services for our renovation of an 1800 square foot apartment in Flatiron in 2016-2017. We came across her by chance when looking for ideas for closets on Houzz and liked the closets she had done for another client.

Anjie laid out the new floor plan, took care of the co-op board architect approval review (which was particularly labor intensive) and DOB submission.

She did a walk through with four potential contractors (three of whom she had worked with previously and another who came recommended from one of our friends) and helped us choose between them after they returned their bids.

Anjie handled all the architectural elements of our renovation and ensured we satisfied all code requirements. A few examples of helpful interior design aspects she provided included determining soffit heights, optimal positioning of medicine cabinets and over-vanity lights, choosing tile sizes and layout, selecting door hardware, baseboards, paint colors etc.. Some of the other interior design elements (e.g. light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, furniture and furniture layout) were our own choices and we used a separate company for kitchen design, but Anjie can also provide guidance with all these if needed. She has a good array of trade discounts available to her clients (e.g. All modern, Waterworks, Schoolhouse Electric, The Shade Store, California Closets etc, etc.).

Anjie is very experienced and knowledgeable. She can work with any range of styles from traditional to transitional to modern. She is always responsive to emails and texts and is very efficient and thorough. She worked hard on our behalf and we are grateful for her help in seeing us through our renovation.

-F.G., July 2017

Anjie worked with us get our apartment renovation initiated and then approved with our co-op board and the DOB as well as supplying all the necessary layout drawings. She was very fast and efficient, had all the contacts we needed for our project and was a pleasure to work with. Her participation was greatly appreciated, and we would highly recommend her for any renovation project.

-K.K., May 2017

I hired Anjie Cho to gut remodel a bathroom, and remove and replace interior walls in our Brooklyn coop. I had a great experience working with her. She gave thoughtful advice and design decisions, guided us through the permit / DOB / coop approval process, and pushed the project through despite a difficult experience with our contractor and coop management company. She was also friendly, professional, and replied to my questions promptly. Highly recommended.

-L.R., May 2017

I have consulted with Anjie for interior design, feng shui, and light architecture services for almost 2 years after I did a gut renovation on a Lower East Side apartment. Not only is Anjie a pleasure to work with, her skills have transformed my home from a newly renovated but austere blank space to a warm, peaceful, comfortable environment for my entire family. Everyone who comes to visit comments on specific improvements Anjie has suggested such as painting a wall blackish-grey to hide our living room TV. Anjie is also very flexible and supportive and has really encouraged me to trust my judgment when making design choices. I don't have photos yet because I am in the last (and largest) stage of the project but I can't wait to show off my interior designed by Anjie.

- H.S., December 2016

Anjie was excellent in every regard. She embraced my vision and assembled and executed my renovation, start to finish. She is perfectly professional, took care all of the details and also has the keen sense to understand the pace, budget and design details that were important to me. I would recommend her to my friends and colleagues without hesitation.

- R.R., August 2016

I would definitely recommend Anjie to all my family members and friends. While I was working abroad, not only did Anjie help me coordinate the project with my general contractor every step of the way, but she was also very responsive with my 12hr time difference. Anjie was pleasant to work with as she listened well and provided me with options that I wanted to see as well as suggesting other alternatives. Sometimes I could not clearly see or touch the product selection, but no worries in the end. She has great taste and was willing to talk through concerns that I had without being biased to only her views. As you can see, I'm quite pleased with her work and very much appreciate the quality and flexibility of service that she provided.

- D.L., June 2016

Anjie helped me realize the vision for my space that I was imagining. She enhanced my design, streamlining and adding details that I would have overlooked. She found ways to add storage and flow to the apartment, ways to keep it uncluttered and efficient. She was also very helpful in assisting me through the contractor hiring and supervision. I think it all went very well, and I did not feel stressed, because she helped me understand the questions and ways to present our drawings so that we did not have a lot of surprises. 

Great design and people skills too! I'm ready for phase 2!! Well, give me a few months to enjoy what we did!!! This could be habit forming!

- C.R., June 2016

I had an excellent working relationship with Anjie Cho in developing a full set of plans for combining two pre-war apartments in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Her approach of working collaboratively with her clients suited me perfectly as I had definite ideas about how I wanted the renovation to look and function. Her knowledge and experience were valuable in that she presented solutions and options that I would not have thought of myself. She is diplomatic, personable, and has excellent resources, e.g. expeditors and engineers, who enabled the project to run smoothly and was important when getting required NYC permits and meeting co-op board requirements.

- E.Y., February 2016

Anjie has completed two projects for me in the last two years. The first project was a complete gut renovation of my kitchen. The second was a gut renovation of the living room, bedroom, and two bathrooms, from floor to ceilings down to the studs. 

Anjie had to understand my needs and balance them with the needs of a 90 year old building and the building's board and architect. Anjie was able to get the project approved and then filed with the Dept. of Buildings very quickly.

- E.M.J., December 2015

We engaged Anjie for a full, gut renovation of our two bedroom apartment, in which floors, walls, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms were all renovated. Project moved on time and met deadlines because of Anjie's dedication and work ethic. Anjie Cho is the consummate professional. Her work is of the highest quality. She is responsive to all questions and queries, and makes accurate and appropriate recommendations regarding tailoring the project to meet your needs. She is personable and easy to work with, making achieving your ultimate aims, her highest priority. Bringing a vast portfolio of experience, Anjie has an immediate sense of what will work well, and solutions to possible problems. 
Her standards and commitment to quality work are very evident from the beginning of the process and you feel that you are in completely responsible and capable hands from beginning to end. It would be impossible to recommend Anjie more highly than we do.

- S.R. & W.R., June 2015

I worked with Anjie on a complete renovation of a pre-war co-op in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Anjie was exceptional in all respects. She produced some excellent designs based on her exact understanding of my ideas and then she worked closely and efficiently with the contractors to help manage the project. She was extremely attentive and quick to respond, ensuring that all my concerns and decisions were resolved in a timely manner, even if that meant pitching in late at night or on a weekend.

Throughout the whole project Anjie remained calm and sensitive to my needs. She was proactive in her recommendations and brokered the best solution that balanced time, budget, usability, and aesthetic. Anjie's skills and expertise were a major factor in the apartment being completed on time and on budget. In short, Anjie was just brilliant. She was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her.

- A.G. & M.M., June 2015

Every time I open my front door, I am thankful to return to a home that feels like it was meant for me to live in. For this, I am grateful to my architect, Anjie Cho. I was fortunate to have had wonderful experiences with all parties involved in my renovation, but it definitely took Anjie's expertise, patience and vision to lay the groundwork for a design that best suited the way I live. 

My project involved the combination of two adjoining apartments that, essentially, had not been renovated in over 50 years. Anjie listened to my needs and priorities. She worked with me to create a beautiful and functional design. Her impressive knowledge of the technical aspects of construction helped the contractor complete the job on time, within budget, and with no significant alterations to the plans. She worked well with the general contractor and all subs involved.

Here are just a few concrete examples of what Anjie was able to provide: a intelligently designed central air conditioning system; the kitchen of my dreams; three newly designed bathrooms; a welcoming foyer; optimization and expansion of storage space; functional and private bedrooms; comfortable living space; tasteful design input. 

Beyond her qualifications as an architect, Anjie’s knowledge of and devotion to the art and practice of Feng Shui instilled a sense of warmth and harmony throughout my home. 

- A.S., January 2015

Anjie and her team went above and beyond to get our room addition completed on time and as contemplated. She is honest, reliable and works hard for her customers. I would recommend her and use her again!

- C.L., January 2015

This is my first time working with an architect and I had a blast. Anjie is very professional and efficient. I am completely a newbie in this field and she helped me understand everything before we proceed. She walked me through the pricing of each GC and discussed with me about everything, such as where are most of the cost coming from, are the prices reasonable, why does bidder A have higher price than bidder B, where can we try to reduce the cost...etc. She also gave us professional recommendations when selecting for materials that are affordable and great quality. Throughout the work, she continued to email me with updates and respond to all the concerns that I had. 

Speaking of efficiency, Anjie gets things done right away. She responded to my emails unbelievably fast. Every time I emailed or called her with questions or concerns, I always got a response right away. Sometimes she might be busy and could not respond to the problems I have right away, but she would always shoot an email back or call me to indicate that she received my messages and will get back to me as soon as possible. 

The most impressing thing is that even though we are in different time zones, I'm in the west coast while she is in New York, it did not really affect our progress and communications. She worked with me as if I am in town. I had experience with people who slack off the work or stopped responding because they know you away and can't really track them down. If anyone is concerned about working with Anjie from far away, there is no reason to worry. I almost felt she is working 24 hours a day and making sure I am still alive everyday. The first time we actually met in person was when we started the punch list and everything before that was done over phone and emails. 

In addition to professionalism and efficiency, Anjie also has a great personality. She is easy to talk to and easy to work with. Since this is my first time renovating the apartment, working with an architect and GC, I might have asked many many many questions that are probably stupid, but she never made me felt that way. I am always happy to talk with her. She also cares how her client feels. For example, I happened to hire a GC that is extremely inefficient, things were never done on time. Anjie was there to help us put more pressure on the GC. Sometimes we complained about the GC together as if we are on the same boat. Well...we were on the same boat because the GC is wasting both Anjie's and my time. She knows when to speak up for her client. 

Overall, I am just so lucky and honored to have met Anjie and have the chance to work with her. Not only did I successfully finished the first ever project, I also learned a lot from her. I also recommend her book, 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces: Feng Shui and Green Design for Healing and Organic Homes. It is easy to read easy to easy apply to any room to improve the overall flow of chi.

- C.L. January 2015

I worked with Anjie on a complete renovation of my kitchen. This was my first renovation and I had no idea what to expect. I also wasn't completely sure what I wanted. While talking to Anjie during our first meeting, my vision became clearer. And that was because Anjie asked the right questions and listened to me.

Although I was on a somewhat limited budget, Anjie was able to create the kitchen of my dreams. Her vision, knowledge, experience and work ethic are incredible. She was always available to talk about any issues that came up. She worked directly with the contractors (who also clearly had so much respect for her), so I didn't have to. If I could have given Anjie more stars I would have. If you are doing any kind of work that requires an architect, Anjie Cho is your woman. She's an artist and visionary. I HIGHLY recommend her!

- R.M., August 2014

Anjie was an essential part of our success in the gut renovation of our 1 BR Lower East Side (Seward Park Co-op) apartment. She took our ideas and improved them, designing built-in benches, shelving, closets and lighting. She redesigned our bathroom with floor-to-ceiling tile and niches, drew tile design plans, and helped us select fixtures. From the first meeting, Anjie was supremely organized, professional, and intuitive. Anjie also helped us in dealing with any discrepancies between the architectural plans and the contractor's work to ensure everything was done as indicated in the plans. When problems arose with any stage of the construction, Anjie stepped in to help us fix them. We couldn't have been happier with our decision to hire Anjie as our architect.

- B.L. & F.D., July 2014


Anjie Cho has done work for us in 2 apartments and our retail business. I LOVE working with her because she is always the consummate professional, delivers on time, and her impeccable attention to detail assures me that we're not missing a thing. For the two apartments, Anjie helped design and install sliding walls and doors. At our retail business, which is still currently underway as of writing this review, she is working on installing new lighting, walls and flooring. 

What a pleasure working with Anjie and recommend her to all my friends!

- J.K.M & J.M., April 2014


-Anjie Cho was very quick to provide drawings for our apt. renovation. 
-She offered very useful input from designs to product ideas, throughout the --renovation, in a fast and efficient way. 
-Her practicality and innovative style was very useful for us to make the right decisions. 
-We never had to wait for any clarification or reply as she works extremely fast and well. 

Highly recommendable!

- A.D., September 2013

We started with a new empty apartment and were overwhelmed by the possibilities. Anjie Cho helped us devise a modern, space-efficient plan that also enhanced the flow through our open layout. She helped us design innovative shelving options using pieces from IKEA to save money where it made sense, and also pick out a few designer furniture pieces to make our place pop. She definitely helped us realize our vision, instead of just imposing her own. Whenever I was blocked trying to make a decision, she was always there with a new idea to move things forward. Anjie is very patient and personable and a joy to work. Would recommend her in a heartbeat.

- J.G., September 2013

Anjie was instrumental in managing the complex nature of our office renovation. Anjie demonstrated great patience and understanding as she navigated and responded to the varying priorities of the acoustic engineer and the contractors. She was able to create an office layout which took into account our creative as well as our practical needs, and she did a beautiful job of keeping us involved in every step of the project, whilst simultaneously helping us to step back and not get mired in the detail.

Anjie's communication style with our contractors was straight-forward and direct whilst showing patience and understanding. We couldn't have asked for a better person to have managed our project: her consistent and regular presence on site allowed us to continue with our other work, and know that the project was in safe hands.

Anjie shows up when she says she will, exhibits a really positive attitude toward all involved parties, communicates clearly, and is committed to designing beautiful and workable spaces. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

- S.S.M., July 2013

Anjie was instrumental in making our recently purchased two bedroom luxury condo the home of our dreams. Anjie as an interior designer was patient and meticulous in working with my visually impaired brother to make our space accessible to him and his needs while also creating a functional and visually stunning and space. Anjie also worked as our architect to gut renovate one of the bathrooms to make it accessible for my brother while also working with him to create a space he would enjoy. She did this by suggesting differing textures and feels within the space to enhance his tactile experience and also providing physical cues for guidance within the space. Anjie is a patient listener and truly takes the time to understand her clients’ needs. She worked directly with the contractors eliminating my need to take time off of work or worry about the renovation. She was a true manager and exhibited complete professionalism, I would recommend her to anyone looking to create a new space or for any renovation.

- R.K., June 2013