Is The Stuff Under Your Bed Ruining Your High-Vibe Bedroom?

featured on MindBodyGreen by Emma Loewe

image credit: Yasmine Boheas / Unsplash via  MindBodyGreen

image credit: Yasmine Boheas / Unsplash via MindBodyGreen

Feng shui is all about designing for optimal energy flow at home. It cautions against sharp corners, heavy objects, and clutter of all kinds. The ancient philosophy was born in China nearly 6,000 years ago, and it arose from the idea that the quality of our surroundings can dictate the quality of our lives.

It's safe to say, though, that the creators of the practice never set foot in a cramped New York City apartment. Some feng shui guidelines feel much more applicable to sprawling spaces, and there's one in particular that feels like an affront to small home dwellers everywhere: the "no storage under the bed" rule.

Why shouldn't you store stuff under your bed?

According to feng shui, the stuff under your bed could be sabotaging your sleep. "In feng shui, it's best to have the air flow all around you while you're sleeping, so it's a big no-no to have objects under the bed," feng shui expert and architect Anjie Cho recently wrote for mindbodygreen. Cho explains that it's especially important to have free-flowing good energy—or chi—surrounding you when you're in a passive sleep state. When physical clutter gets in the way, it can lead to similarly cluttered thoughts and restless nights.

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