Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for a Captain's Bed

image credit:    Wayfair

image credit: Wayfair

We have a captain's bed in our bedroom, but it is built into the three walls, and the bed is not in command position. The bedroom is in the Benefactors area of my home. How do I adjust our room/bed to promote positive feng shui?

Brenda C., Ansley, NE

Hi Brenda, thank you for your question!

In New York City people are always trying to maximize their storage space, so this question comes up often. Although it seems like a great idea to utilize the space under your bed for storage, it is not positive for feng shui purposes, except in a guest bedroom. For those of you who are unfamiliar, a captain's bed is a bed that's typically on a platform of sorts with a lot of storage underneath.

Why are captain's beds, or loft beds, not good feng shui?

First of all, you are very close to the ceiling, which doesn’t allow much room for chi to move around you sufficiently. The pressure from the ceiling pushes energy down on you.

Second, the storage under the bed does not allow chi to flow around you and underneath. The best situation is one in which there is space under the bed as well as plenty of room above.

Third, this bed is tucked into an alcove, closed on three sides. Feng shui-wise, it's best if only the headboard is up against the wall so your growth is not limited.

In addition, because of the bed's location on the feng shui map, this may indicate and create stuck energy in regard to benefactors in your life. You may find yourself with fewer helpful people in your life. We make money, improve our careers and find a lot of success by surrounding ourselves with supportive and resourceful people. When we are having difficulties, it’s a great idea to surround ourselves with positive people. 

The best suggestion is to get another bed. If that cannot be done, can you move the storage above and the mattress below? Be sure to reduce the storage on top. Avoid any objects negative in nature under or above your bed. If possible, relocate the storage out from underneath the bed completely. Remember, what storage you do put on top, be selective about it, and if possible move as much of this storage as you can outside of your bedroom.

I hope this helps! I can only give so much assistance without a full consultation, but thank you so much for being such a great supporter of my blog. I know you read regularly, and I appreciate all your comments and support.

by Anjie Cho

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