Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui and Headboards

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What's so important about headboards in feng shui?  And how do I select the best one for my bedroom?

Stephanie S., Jersey City, NJ

Thanks Stephanie!  This is a great question. I find that a lot of people don't have headboards for their beds. Headboards are so important for relationships in feng shui because they represent stability. A solid and sturdy headboard is like a strong backbone for a relationship. They should be attached securely and mechanically to the bed. So a headboard that is attached to the wall and not the bed does not work in this situation.

In selecting the best feng shui headboard, something that’s solid is very important. If possible avoid headboards with bars that can resemble feeling imprisoned. A headboard with many perforations is also not preferred because this can represent holes or insecurity for one or both partners. The most ideal shape is rounded or heart shaped. Since my aesthetics are a bit less traditional, I prefer rectangular headboards.

There is not a huge difference between a solid wood and a soft upholstered headboard, as long as both partners are comfortable with the style. Remember, it’s there to support both of you!

I can say from experience that this feng shui adjustment works. I didn’t have a headboard for years, until I met my husband. Not only did I go get a headboard, I also re-arranged my room so there was space on both sides of the bed.  And we still live happily ever after! 

by Anjie Cho

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